Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's that time again

Yesterday we had our first day of school. Meant to start last week but we had a delay with a curriculum shipment and then the older 2 got sick.  Of course Juliana had to wait a bit to come down with what seemed to be the flu (yes, the flu, in August!) so we again delayed a bit but I was tired of waiting. I'm not going to lie starting school with a sick 2 year old was not my best idea ever and neither was not checking that the drink at the table was water instead of orange juice or leaving an opened bottle of glue atop the science folder unattended. So yesterday felt exactly like the bottom row of pictures, except imagine you have a cold yourself(we visited a museum last monday and apparently it was a hotbed of germs).
I know everyone is always curious about what we do so I thougt I'd share, we tend to do a mix of different curricula at whatever grade I feel is appropriate. I'm toying with the idea of adding a couple of things but first we'll see how this goes.


Renee said...

you may want to look at Sonlight's Science for the future. It is very friendly for the non-science person

Melanie A. said...

Do all or some of your girls get home schooled? I am thrown off about not needing to catch the bus at the crack of dawn comment. Because they were sick or are home schooled? All better now?!

Josephine said...

I found your blog randomly and I can't believe the beauty of your little kids shown in your photographs. I must asume that you're a real professional.
Congratulations for the beautiful family.

Best wishes from Argentina!