Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The mess

Middle of our big maple gone. Any carvers out there? Pile of maple branches by the road.
Massive tree along edge of property fell across the yard and creek.
Pile of 5 or so downed trees. That yellow thing in the middle is a little tykes slide.
More trees in the creek.
Smallish tree in backyard.
We are so grateful everything fell away from the house!And really, this is so, so soooooo minor to what you see when you drive around. If you were comparing it to the mess left in a stadium, it might qualify as an m&m on the ground, or maybe a piece of salt off a pretzel.  Nothing really. All we really suffered was a few days of inconvenience.


Renee said...

I wish I had and knew how to use a chainsaw - it seems to be the most needed skill in our area. I think I've read to call the United WAy for help with trees.

Amanda said...

this picture is so adorible. you take very beautiful pictures :)