Tuesday, May 10, 2011


It's true. In the midst of my blogging hiatus, somebody turned 8. I need to hunt down her birthday pictures as it's been so long they're not in my current folder! Life might be a smidge more difficult for her but she is my ever sunny child. Unlike a certain sister she never complains and if a whine is heard from her we know something needs attention. She is ever faithful to her favorites and ever so patiently waiting for those lessons and one of her own.  School is still the enemy (not necessarily learning though) but with the help of this mamas patience and Rosies peer pressure  I would say she's not too far off track. And we did finally find a book series to draw her, although why I ever worried about reading is a mystery (I'm trying to remember this about spelling!). It's an interesting road we're traveling ... a fine line to keep to as we enter these tween years. I'll admit I thought the whole tween thing was bogus but as always I'm having to alter my opinion. We've been accused of sheltering our girls and still ... things they are a changin, as they say. But with her? It's fun. A joy to hear her opinions  as we prowl the stores and witness the pride she find in accessorizing every day. She is an amazing help to me and any other Mama she happens to be around ...  she is so, so beyond excited about this new little one and is adamant that it's a boy. Her creativity is still endless and thank goodness she's keeping to her tomboy ways. I'm  sitting back and relishing the changes as my  horse loving, nature girl dons her gaudy shades of choice and finds her way.