Tuesday, August 17, 2010

PB&B smoothie style.

I bought a whole bunch of natural peanut butter that is way too runny for sandwiches. And when I say a whole bunch, I mean like a years supply. Luckily it makes excellent cookies. And  yummy smoothies. I suspect it might make tasty milkshakes but I haven't gone there yet. PB milkshakes are my favorite milkshake so I don't need to know I have all that PB sitting under my counter just waiting to be made into a tasty treat.
But back to the smoothies. Just the PB, frozen bananas, some vanilla,  ice cubes and maybe some milk depending on thickness.
Straws optional.


Kathy said...

You need to tell everyone to click on the picture to make it large so they can see Jules face up close. It's precious! But what is on Rosie's arm amd Eve's legs. Looks kind of like tatoos!

Ali said...