Sunday, March 14, 2010


Let her jump on the trampoline while so I could play with a flash bounce card I made. Turned them black and white so all the junk in the back isn't quite as obvious. But now you know I'm not lying when I say the house is(was?) a disastrous wreck. It's looking much better - more like a home! after a good solid mimi visit this week. A lot of elbow grease but oh so worth it! Things are hung on walls (that are finally finished being painted!) and book shelves are up and stuff is put away.
Wish I could ave captured er trying to jump and then back off the tramp. She had a little system going on. Jump, sit, back off, repeat.


Mimi said...

new pictures desparetly needed to help Mimi through the next day or so - unless you don't mind her going quietly bonkers :o)

Anonymous said...

Too late for that, mind has been gone for a while. Pictures would help ease the pain however. PAPA

Mimi said...

as the girls always say, oooooohhhhh Papa, - you so silly!