Monday, March 29, 2010

the big day

We weren't going to have a party. It wasn't really a real party. Just family. Thanks to my bham people that wanted to come I was forced into celebrating instead of moping. The girls and nate and I had so much fun during the week creating stuff for her and her big day. I realize as I'm posting these that I missed much of that. We made felted eggs and a funny doll. We folded huge pompoms and painted recycled flowers. We decorated, cleaned, used two rolls of tape to wrap presents and picked the first spring flowers for our birthday girl who we welcomed so joyously one year ago on the first day of spring in 2009.


Mimi said...

She very carefully filled her little fist full of bright pink frosting and smashed it into her face - and that was precious. So what if the chocolate glaze on the cupcake was too hard for her little hands to pentrate - the frosting is the best part anyway!

Ali said...

Love the picture montage! Beautiful cake and little baby girl!