Monday, April 20, 2009


You might think Rosies favorite thing to eat is candy but it's actually watermelon. When she had surgery on her finger her treat/reward for being so brave was her very own watermelon and a pack of watermelon gum. She will however frequently sigh while eating candy and say "I wish there was watermelon candy"!
So of course the garden had to have its very own watermelon bed this year. Unfortunately so far they are the only seeds that haven't sprouted! Has anybody seen watermelon plants?

Evie wasn't too interested this year - she was busy throwing and chasing the frisbee. I guess the lure of a new skill was just too much. And speaking of new tricks, she just figured out how to do the monkey bars! She can be a bit fussy about that stuff so it was nice to see.


Becky said...

Three cheers for gardening Rosie!! Watermelon plants will pop up and have 2 rounded leaves at first, then more to come - they will almost look like a giant grape leaf of sorts when more mature. Not sure how many seeds you planted around your hill, but you'll want to thin it down to 3-4 spaced out plants when everything sprouts. Leave plenty of growing room for the vines, they can get pretty crazy! Putting some landscape fabric all around the hill helps tremendously with grass & weeds, and since melons like it hot, the black helps retain the heat too.
Great job Evie on the frisbee & monkey bars:)

Ali said...

Hmmm, wonder where she gets the fussy from? Like daddy like daughter (and I know cause his bro is the same way!!). Hehe.

I love watermelon too. YUMMERS!!!