Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter... in no paticular order

Easter morning - the real rosie and evie!
Did you know Jules has eyelashes? The other two didn't have them until they were much, much older. Her hair hasn't fallen out yet either....
Tearing into the baskets and finding the favorite toy - a horrid whistle. What was the easter bunny thinking?
Jules and her first easter bunny! Mama made it and gave to the Easter Bunny! All four of us were crowded around her showing her basket stuff... poor thing didn't quite know what to make of it. She even got a chocolate bunny like sisters but we gave that to Papa.
Our Easter egg bread. It was pretty crummy actually, I need to work on that.
Mimi and Jules hanging out while the rest of the crowd was being wild with the glitter eggs.
What a good Papa!
Hunting for the eggs Papa hid so well.

All three girlies in their matching dresses Mimi and Papa gave them. Their initials were on the collar - so cute. Totally not something I would normally do but they did look absolutely adorable.
I promise Daddy was here, he was just being the unbelievable helpful and running around cooking and cleaning. Well that and avoiding the glitter eggs.


Becky said...

Great pics! Wish it had been that warm here on Easter, it was a bit chilly. Time with family, that's what it's all about...many blessings to be thankful for:)

Hugs to all from Nebraska!

Ali said...

Miss you all