Thursday, January 08, 2009

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act

This is the law that they've come up with in response to the contaminated toys that were being sold. Remember Barbie and Dora being full of lead and other scary stuff? Honestly, I think this law is scarier so I'm passing along this site where you can read on your own about it and contact the people that control this stuff.

The law itself is so gooblygarbled that no one seems to be able to exactly agree on the outcome (and it's actually been sent back for modifications) but the the gistfrom what I've read is that everything(yes, please make sure your 10 year old is not chewing on their bike) sold for children under 12 will have to be tested. That sounds wonderful in theory, right? But basically what it comes down to is that only a company like hasboro or walmart will be able to afford the testing and sales of childrens products and that only new products will be legal.
So say goodbye to handcrafted toys or European imports. Say good bye to etsy, ebay, craft fairs and thrift stores and consignment sales and say hello to only being able to purchase from the companies that actually brought us the toys with the lead in the first place. Oh the irony.


My Endo Journey said...

Absolute insanity I tell you!!! Thanks for the post Rae.

Ash said...

Hey, Rae. I just came across this article. I hope this is the case. I really like the European toys too! Hope they can still sell them here or that they have the money for the required testing!