Monday, February 25, 2008

Visiting Eamon

This adorable little one is my friends Amy and Ed's son Eamon. He's a special little man in my life, he's my godson and we share a birthday. Last week the girls and I took a trip so they could meet him( and visit his parents too), they were way more interested in the cats than in the baby!
Check out his swaddler in that top picture, it's a strechy receiving blanket with velcro - very cool invention.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Breaking News!

Evie lost her first tooth! It's next door neighbor is soon to follow - you can see how crooked and out of place it is!

One, two three .... JUMP!

Playing in their new boots. We bought some new outdoor stuff in anticipation of our trip to IL, too bad it's not heppening! They are loving te boots and the vests though!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The haircut

In case you didn't hear - Evie cut her hair. It was while I was so sick and basically passed out on the couch. Rosie came running in and said "E cut her hair". Ack!!!!
So at first glance it doesn't look too bad....
The problem is she hates her to be brushed, fixed or taken down. Always has, from the time her little 2 year old self actually started to sprout hair.

And what she did with her scissor wielding madness was to create a mess that has to be FIXED. I had this nice system down: wash, brush and put up in a top knot or piggies and leave it in that style until the next wash. It was fairly simple because both those styles prevented that mass of messiness from getting snarled and matted up. And now? Oh the horror, it won't go into anything! The only way I've found so far has been to pull up the top parts into piggies and leave the rest down which means it must be brushed. Argh! I still can't believe she just sat and chopped at her hair! I'm going to take her to my stylist this week - she'll be able to even it out but it's not going to help the mess factor!

The Birthday

Evie turned 5 on Sunday. It was a very sad day, we had to cancel her party because of all the sickness. Instead we went to the Aquarium with Mimi, Papa and Uncle Josh and we were supposed to have a picnic after. Well, we got to the alligators and Meredith promptly got sick. Okay, great - so much for her not getting it. We left a little while later and came home and did the whole cake and presents thing anyway even though poor Meri was so pitiful! Not a very festive day at all! Luckily we're headed to IL this week and Auntie K has promised a party there.

We all thought this was the strangest thing - the Alligator was just hanging out on top of the turtle. And then Meri got sick and it all went downhill.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

another one...

I thought of something else Rosie does...
If she's thirsty or hungry she sticks her tongue out, points at it and says. "My tongue is weally, weally sick"

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Random bits

Last Saturday was a big day around here. We went and signed Evie up for youth soccer.It was pretty anti climatic for her after us repeatedly asking "do you want to play soccer?", I guess she thought we were going to play soccer that day! So went to the soccer store and bought her cleats, shin guards and a ball her size. She was in heaven - pronouncing it "soccer girl stuff"! Of course she and her Daddy had to get suited up and play right away. I love it when people ask if we want a boy - Nathan just shakes his head and grins. They don't realize he's got his soccer player already to carry on the family tradition.
But the big news came after that... We went and visited a horse farm down the road to see about riding lessons for her. We were very please and are going to start lessons this week, they'll be her birthday present and any money she gets for her birthday goes toward those. She got to halter a little black pony named Ike and brush him and lead him around - heady stuff for a child that's been horse obsessed since, well since I can remember anyway. I can't actually remember her not being obsessed with horses - can you?
And yes, poor Rosie was feeling very mistreated. Don't worry, we'll put her in dance next year. I'm actually pretty opposed to all sorts of activities for kids, we like our family time! So we'll see how it goes. I'm hoping that by homeschooling we'll be able to do some stuff during the day and avoid all the evening rushing around that seems to occur in suburbia.

My three couch potatoes never fail to crack me up - sometimes I worry that I'm missing out on boding time by sneaking away to read but then I figure that I'm setting a good example and I remind myself that there all sorts of things we do all day without Daddy.

Rosie has definitely done another one of those maturity spurts - making her seem even less the baby! She's still a funny girl though.
Here's some new Rosie -isms
When Evie hits her she very emphatically waves her hands and says" NO, NO!" "no hit people, it make the people cry"
When we tickle her or do something to make her laugh she stops and beams at us and says "you making me HAPPY!"
Thanks is dank Momma.
There are soo many, I really need to write them down so I can remember them.