Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Birthday

Evie turned 5 on Sunday. It was a very sad day, we had to cancel her party because of all the sickness. Instead we went to the Aquarium with Mimi, Papa and Uncle Josh and we were supposed to have a picnic after. Well, we got to the alligators and Meredith promptly got sick. Okay, great - so much for her not getting it. We left a little while later and came home and did the whole cake and presents thing anyway even though poor Meri was so pitiful! Not a very festive day at all! Luckily we're headed to IL this week and Auntie K has promised a party there.

We all thought this was the strangest thing - the Alligator was just hanging out on top of the turtle. And then Meri got sick and it all went downhill.


AliDyer said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww, poor Meri!

Looks like Evie had a good time though!!! Did she get a bike? What else did she get? Our present is a little late; it's been a bit hectic here. I promise I'll make it to the PO tomorrow. ;)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVIE!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!! Miss you lots-come to see us soon!

azylee said...

Sorry you couldn't make it down here to go ice skating. Eamon was so disappointed! When everyone is feeling better and you get back from IL you'll have to come down to visit.