Thursday, June 19, 2008


Just thought I'd share our plans for next year!

Sonlight 4/5

This is our main program, it's literature based so we'll be doing a lot of reading. Not really anything different than what we do now, it's just that this has a theme and a plan as opposed to me randomly grabbing books off the library or reading the same story for the 1ooth time. Because Rosie will be included if she wants I went ahead and got the 4/5 instead of the older one. We're going to supplement with outside stuff for art, reading, math and history to make it a little bit more than just reading. I'm sure I'm being the classic first year homeschooler and thinking that we can do too much but that's okay, it'll keep for next year!

Saxon Math
Singapore Math

I'm not entirely certain what we'll be doing for Math. She's only just showed an interest in clocks and writing numbers so I haven't researched a whole, whole lot. I'm going to see if our education superstore has them before I order, that way I can look at them. I highly doubt I'll be teaching math anyway, not with a Daddy like Nathan around! One thing I do know though is we don't like worksheets. She does much, much better with manipulative's but I feel like I need the structure of the program.

Encyclopedia of World History

And this is what we're going to try and use for History. I really like the idea of starting at the beginning and going from there. This is a linked book, which means that Usborne has set up a search engine on their site to type in the page number of your book and it will pull up links on the Internet that relate to the text on that page.
The one I viewed was a PBS page with an interactive time line. Very cool stuff.

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AliDyer said...

Wow Rae-how do you even know where to begin?!? Evie will love all the learning..I just know it! Good luck!