Monday, December 17, 2007

Deck the Halls....

I'm on a song kick - what can I say? Falala la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
We put up two trees this year (note to self - do not be so ambitious next year) Evie loves that she has her tree and I have my tree. The reasoning was that we wanted to cut down a fresh tree with them but we didn't want it in the living room since it would be, ohhh about two feet away from the raging inferno of our wood stove. I didn't feel like a Christmas blaze this year so we put the fake up by the fire. Too bad that my nice holiday memory of tree cutting with Daddy was a bust. There were two dogs at the tree farm, do I really need to tell what was more interesting?
This is how our visit went
ME: " Let's pick out a tree - ooooh look at that one it's pretty"
THEM: "DOGS, dogs, dogs DOOOOOOOOOGs! "
ME: Don't you want a tree for the toy room? Let's pick out a tree..."
THEM: "I want to pet the DOOOOOGS! I want to pick the GRASS. I DON"T WANT A TREE!!!!"

Good times. And, they've already managed to break two of the unshatterable ornaments I bought especially from old Martha. Plus three of my precious ones but we won't get into that. I figure that any Mother who decides to buy exclusively blown glass ornaments for HER tree deserves what she gets. We did have a blast decorating it, although the beads and tinsel might have been a bad idea. Oh, and the angel lost her wings - do you suppose there is some meaning behind that?


AliDyer said...

Haha-never a dull moment hmmm? I thought about having two for pretty ornaments, and one for the boy ornaments (like the naked character from family guy that has found it's way onto the tree). :) But, hey, it's Christmas-what can I say? The tree is beautiful-I love the glow in the picture!

Heather said...

Pretty tree! Who would want to pick out a tree when there are dogs to play with, lol. About the angel...maybe she doesn't need her wings anymore b/c she loves it at your house and doesn't want to go anywhere else???