Friday, August 31, 2007

Hello again.

Whew, it's been awhile. Unfortunately this is what our life has felt like lately. Too much travel and too many unwanted emotions.

So speaking of emotions, here is a nice little compilation of the many faces of Meri. It's tough being two, just look.


About "me" said...

GReat to have you back!!! We missed you!

About "me" said...

Love the compilation (did I spell that right?)

julia said...

testing comments

nathan said...

aren't some of those crying faces fake, or what?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,
I found your blog on Ali's page and wanted to say hi. Your girls are beautiful!

Daphne Wallace (from Donoho)

Ash said...

Rae, I haven't been able to see the photos for a really long time, and then today UAB lets me. Go figure. Anyway, the girls have grown so much even since last we saw them.

I LOVE the picture a few posts back of Lella and the slip n slide! especially the first one. They are awesome!