Friday, July 20, 2007

Clean house!

You would think that, right? From my last post with the creepy Meri picture ? Sadly, the reason for no blogging is that photo shop is crashing on me! I can't bear to post a non edited picture so you'll just have to be patient. In all actuality my house is disastrous because we are painting the kitchen cabinets so all of that stuff is spread all over. Plus, in same said torn apart kitchen, I'm putting up a gazillion tons of squash for the freezer (seriously - I took pictures to prove it!) Then there's a consignment sale next week that I'm getting some clothes (do you know, I've never gotten rid of any of the girls clothes, ANY!) ready for, so I have about 12 garbage bags of clothes in the living room... lovey, eh? Makes you want to come visit, hmmm? I don't know if I going to allow visitors anymore, the last batch included: a book expert, chocolate lovers and light drinkers. So after they left I spent the next two weeks eating 3 packages of Hershey's chocolate bars, reading about 15 books and finishing up leftover drinks. And I wonder how I could have possibly gained 5 pounds and my house ended up mess! But I did enjoy it so thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Mess=fun!!! Right? That's my theory ;)