Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I've been getting some ummm resistance to my lack of posting lately. There's several reasons. The main one being that last week was just beautiful, brilliantly sunny with highs almost in the 70's. We blew bubbles, worked in the flower beds , flew kites, went for walks and threw rocks in the creek. It was like the girls had never seen the back yard before. I swear they were practically frolicking. The second reason was that my lenses were filthy, I wasn't getting any clear shots. Pathetic, eh? What's worse is that I had to drive an hour to get some lens cleaner. The last reason? Just take a look. We're having a little problem looking at the camera lately. If, IF they happen to look this is what I get. The rest of the time, they're oblivious. So since my current victims er I mean subjects are done with me and I'll just happen to be in Texas in a couple of weeks you guys might want to watch out. Hide while you can.

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