Monday, July 29, 2013

Our summer has kind of been a bust. In June we bought a batch of perennials on clearance which escalated  into a snowball of summer yard work. Complete with pulling everything out of our foundation planting and moving all the landscape rock and then replanting. We've taken down 6 trees and planted probably a hundred tentyish perennials, shrubs, trees and berry plants.  We had to rework the back yard fence we just paid to have installed and set up the kids backyard play ground.(Luckily we had some help with parts of that - thanks to my Dad and bro!)
And then their was the day I decided to take the tile off the front porch and knock out the weird extra bricks... we haven't even touched that yet since the demo.And let's not forget the tile and moldy osb boards on the back porch Nate had to rip out while the kids and I were in IL. We're saving the rest of the back porch for another season.
All of this was of course on top of the vegetable garden Nate built me in the spring...
Soooo we've been a little busy. The kids are tired of it. We are too if we're honest. A good lesson in planning projects and restraining yourself at the nursery clearance section.

All of that is to say that we haven't actually done anything this summer so I don't have any pictures to show!
Evie did do 2 weeks of horse camp which of course she loved. And both she and Rosie have spent time alone time at camp Mimi/Papa. Which means I've had these two alone for quite a bit lately. Goodness, they're a pair. Way more devious than their older sisters. I'll definitely appreciate my live in helpers a lot more now! 
Luckily we're finishing up most everything that couldn't. Unluckily it's time to start back to school!  We want to start now so we can take more time off in the fall and around Christmas. Hopefully we'll be able to get back to having some fun weekends!


Becky said...

Hope we can make a visit work this year! Miss you guys:)

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