Friday, January 20, 2012

the great tree disaster

We try and wait to put up our tree so it's closer to actual Christmas and so we properly celebrate the Thanksgiving and Advent seasons.  It's so hard on the littles that are absolutely bursting full of Christmas wants though. Rosie was especially bad this year, she was literally bouncing up and down with Christmas joy several times during the season. This year was hard - new place, new baby and one tired, overwhelmed, exhausted Mama. So we made our bucket list and I crossed my fingers that I could make it happen. She talked about THE TREE constantly and asked 3, 547 times a day when we were going to go get it. All I can say about getting the tree is that we did it... the tree farm was an overpriced joke - do you see how bare it was? All they had were those trees that won't hold heavy ornaments but we did happen to find this one sort of scratchy pine that the girls loved but had Nate and I laughing. And did I mention Fletcher was screaming the entire time which made me completely frazzled because he does not do that. Or how about that the only place to park was right in front of where the workers were so I couldn't nurse him in peace. Oh, sit the ground?  This was the first sunny day in forever, it was a squishy wet mess out there. And the kicker? Paying for our scrawny, patchy tree (seriously, the dudes working looked at it and said "we didn't know we had any saleable ones of these left") at the same time a tv crew was interviewing Mr. Tree Farmer.... while Juliana shreaked in pain  because we mistakenly thought putting some chapstick on her chapped lips would help. Not exactly the warm fuzzy memories we were hoping for but more than a little funny in retrospect.

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