Friday, December 02, 2011

out and about

I think we've had maybe 3 days of sun since Fletcher was born, just gloomy around here. It's been raining so much our roof is leaking and the yard is flooded and all the water is messing with the cable and internet. Interesting times, for sure, because on top of having a newborn tyrant to deal with, I've had 3 stir crazy girls to distract with. I guess after awhile even puddle splashing gets routine. So last weekend when the sun was spotted  we hurriedly threw leftover turkey in the cooler and declared it a picnic kind of day.  Fletcher did not approve of the paparazzi lurking about, he's gotten pretty good at his "no pictures please"  gesture.

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Becky said...

Dang...I wish we lived closer, we want to picnic too!!! Eli told me this weekend that we need to see JuJu, Rosie, Evie, and their baby brother...I had to remind him of Fletcher's name:)
Hope you guys are doing well...miss you!