Thursday, July 14, 2011

no toys

This is how to entertain yourself when Mama hasn't unpacked your toys but has unpacked the art room. Note, it also helps to have a patient dog (yes, the same dog the neighbors think is vicious). And I have no idea what was up with that face, she was obviously telling me something and I either wasn't understanding or was telling her no. Possibly she was wanting another victim and I wasn't cooperating? Regardless it's a look I get quite often. She could learn  little about patience from the dog.


Renee said...

Did y'all move that you haven't yet unpacked toys?

Becky said...

LOVE the new family pic on your blog! Hope you are all well...miss you guys!!

auntiek said...

Love the look on Ripley's face!!!!!!!!!! It is adorable the way he lets her do whatever she wants. And I love her hair!