Thursday, June 30, 2011

the summer of swim

Finally. Finally! I have children that love the water. Evie was terrified of it until she was like 4 and even as late as last summer neither one of them would really get their faces wet (although, Juliana as always been a water baby ). So finally, after many, many swim lessons and a whole lot of hotel pools this spring , the big girls are officially swimming(and real swimming not the doggy paddle they were previously calling swimming). Today is the last day of this round of swim lessons and we're debating more. They have had the best instructor this time and I've been so impressed with the whole program. If we do go another round it would be for stroke development, how cool is that?  However, none of that really has anything to do with playing in the baby pool on the deck...

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auntiek said...

If you found a great instructor - go for it. Sometimes those are hard to find. And I'm so excited that you will all be able to go swimming now and YOU will get to have fun!