Monday, December 06, 2010

dear juliana kate

Today you are 20ish months old. You said several new words today, all of them related to food. You broke my candy thermometer and had a fit when I wouldn't let you play with  the glass. You put a plastic bag over your head while I was unloading groceries and had a fit when I took it away. You stepped in a goldfish cracker box and got completely stuck. You ate tooth paste for as long as it took me to realize it was awfully quiet and come looking. You sucked the oil out of a fish oil capsule you found on the floor and you liked it. You put your treat bowl in the drier but I found it before we dried the clothes. You colored on the floor while your sisters drew on paper. Yesterday you put glue all over your face and when it dried you looked like you had a Halloween mask on. You broke a toy that survived countless kids for 30 years. You also broke a chair.  You said crackuh. You laid on your back with and exactly like your sisters and watched t.v. You threw a tantrum for most of church because I wouldn't let you couldn't rip down signs and throw books around. The day before that you slithered out of the bathtub and broke off half of one your front teeth. You said saaaaooooock. You screamed halfway to Birmingham and then you played just like the big kids when we got there. You loved somewhat softly on baby brady.
My dearest juju. You entertain us like mad. What would we do without you? 


Kathy said...

all that and beautiful too.

The Greers said...

Your blog is just wonderful! I found it because your blog name is very similar to mine, mine is Your children are adorable!!

Shanah said...

How cute! Lovely pictures.