Wednesday, July 28, 2010

the 4th... from my camera

Not all were taken by me ... there was a fair bit of camera swapping going on. Now if we can just get the Ashley version we'll be set. Especially since I do believe she has the best ones,all 5 kids in the hammock!


Becky said...

FUN:) Miss you guys!

Ash said...

I am working on posting about it:) I actually forgot I had these pictures until you mentioned it yesterday. I think Allison used my camera to take the all-5-in-a-hammock picture, then I got some up close ones of Evie tickling Rowan. But I realized my ISO was waaaay up because of taking some really low light pictures the night before. So none of the pictures are wonderful because of that. They're all grainy! Shoot.

Ash said...

p.s. It was a really fun day at the Dyer house!! :)