Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Easy Street

Big girls went to the grands for awhile. I wish I could send a note back to my self and baby Evie about how easy life is with just one and to just enjoy it.
We spent the weekend cleaning out our garage. Two solid days and I'm sure any normal person would pop their head in and wonder just what in tarnation we had done. Since, you know, it's a 2 car garage and you still couldn't fit a cooper in there. Maybe a smart car. Maybe.  But it's major progress for us and it's all about perception, right?
Isn't she adorable on Rosie's old scooter? She climbs up and very carefully positions both  feet just so. Then she looks around expectantly for someone to push her. It must be nice to have everyone at your beck and call.


Becky said...

She's just too dang cute! Good to see Nate too! Things here are crazy...house building plans are in the works. Since y'all are practiced at cleaning the garage, would you like to come help pack up our house?!

Ali said...

Its Nathan! Woot! :)

Missed yall this weekend. Wish we could have met up. Can't wait to see yall in about a month now!