Thursday, April 08, 2010

Meet the bunnies.

Yep. We were those parents this year. In our (my?) defense we needed a pet and we've been waiting since we closed on the house. They're house bunnies and would you believe me if I told you they're already using a litter box? How bizarre is that? Right now they're in the living room in a cage and they get the run of the room a couple times a day. As soon as we're done with our school room (it's got carpet and that needs to go before we have bunny mess in there) we'll build them a bunny condo and install them in there. They're still getting used to us but they're getting more and more adventurous everyday. They tear around the living room in circles and hop up on our selves - so cute to watch. Juliana is scared of them though which is quite hysterical since they're itty bitty dwarf rabbits and they look like a ball of fluff.


azylee said...

Bunnies! How fun! Do they have names yet?

Kathy said...

You caught the joy on their faces perfectly! Love the shot of the 3 of them at the cage. Names - Evie's, Sassafras or Sassy and Rosie's, Sparkles. At least that's what they were when I left. But today may be a different story.

auntiek said...

They are so cute! I'm assuming Juju's box had the stuffed one that Mimi made her.

Anonymous said...

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Jennie said...

How cute!!! I love bunnies!

Ali said...

What a fun Easter!

Kathy said...

Yes, Juju's box had the bunny I made her. The rice stuffed bunny was a bit boring compared to a fuzzy hopping bunny. But the rice bunny takes being carried around by an ear or thrown on the floor when she tires of it much better than the fuzzy hopping bunny.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks those look like tribbles?
One of my own bunnies is suffering through an abscess. I'm learning bunny husbandry, oh the places we go, the things we do.
pics are killer btw.