Monday, November 23, 2009

Hmm. What could cause such seriousness?
Such determination?
Mmmm. Candy apples from this place. And frozen cider too.
(Seriousness caused by having to *gasp* pause to have a picture taken. Oh the horror!)
Good stuff. And amazing apples too. We made some lovely apple sauce. And by we I mean Mimi.
This one? Not enjoying the experience so much. Couldn't have the apples. Thought the cider was too cold. And she couldn't crawl because the ground was covered in chestnuts. My flip flopped feet didn't enjoy them either.
They're lethal.
But the apples were worth it. It was just a shopping place though, no pick your own or "fun" activities. I would have liked to be able to harvest our own but I didn't miss the cheesy activities that they charge disney prices for!
p.s. don't adjust your monitor. Those are some wonky colors going on. Fun times with photo shop. Maybe not successful times but I'm way too lazy to redo them all.


Becky said...

So good to hear from you guys again...great pics! We trust that you're well on your way to being settled into your new home by now.
Have a Great & Blessed Thanksgiving! (((Hugs))) from Nebraska:)

Stephen said...

I'm looking at "Stephen"
Try to give others an opportunity to amplify their talents.