Tuesday, May 26, 2009

camping on the hottest weekend of spring while mam has a cold - with a 6 week old

It was so blasted hot the weekend we went. Except for sunday morning at breakfast, I love the pullovers and nightgowns. This was a couple of weekends ago, a sort of frantic, spur of the moment trip that led to much driving around looking for a place to sleep. We ended up in an army corps campground that was pretty lame. Just a little beach, no trails or fun things to do. The site was a really small patch of land mostly taken up with the parking pad and a monstrous pebble gravel parking pad. Ask the girls about it and they'll tell you it was the best trip ever. I so wish I could have a kids outlook again!
2nd trip of the morning to the potty.
3rd trip of the morning to the potty
the only fishing we did
Feeling a little lazy this a.m. - you can turn your head, right?
Daddy cooking bfast. Or the reason why Mama had to walk girls to the bathroom 3 times in 20 minutes.
Mmm smores! They almost made the whole weekend worthwhile.
She can nap anywhere!
It's boring here.... I agree girls! Next time we'll go somewhere better!


azylee said...

In the first picture, Rosie looks like she is saying "Daddy, you burnt the pancakes!"

Ali said...

Looks like fun times!!!

Mimi said...

I think it looks like Rosie is not too happy with the burnt pancake either though I suspect she would be saying something like "I don't wike dat kind" in the tone of voice she is becoming such an expert at! But Eve looks like she's thinking "I'm sure glad I didn't get that one." to the lovely potty 3 times in 20 miinutes? Don't ya' just love being a mom.

Trisha said...

You are hardcore campers!