Monday, September 15, 2008

hiking in the battlefield

Looking out the window Sunday afternoon it seemed so pretty. Cloudy and lots of wind blowing about. Too bad when we got to the park we realized it was actually about 100 degrees and the air was thick enough to swim in. Plus the wonderful wind didn't exactly make it deep into the woods. We still had a lovely time, especially after Daddy pulled the car over on our way out to watch hay being made. Evie's been asking about this a lot lately(because you know, HORSES eat hay) - "but how do they get it round" or "how does the tractor do that". We see fields of hay everywhere but we've never actually seen a tractor in the fields. So we were able to sit long enough so she could actually see the tractor drive around and release one of the rolls. You would have thought we took her to the circus - it was that magical.

Rosie learning ow to read a trail sign. Good thing because there were several times on the way back that we'd hit a fork and I realized that I had no idea which way to go.
HORSE tracks! They were continuous because the park trails are used quite a bit - we even met a pair that she got to pet.
She was telling us she was cold. Ummm, okay kid. I think her internal temperature monitor must be off.
Looking one of the many markers. Rosie didn't last long walking. She cut her foot earlier in the day and she was sleepy. We were amazed she actually fell asleep in the wrap.


AliDyer said...

Looks like lots of fun!

trisha said...

Aw, great pictures! Love the bandannas.

Becky said...

Wish we lived close enough to go on treks like that with you guys! Hugs to all...and a special hug for that wonderful baby growing within you Rae:o)

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