Friday, November 30, 2007

More tea part and some randomness

My future lactivist is a little confused - the baby horse was drinking Daddy's milk

Dishwashing gone awry.

Leaves, leaves and more LEAVES!

Boy, Daddy really needs to rake!
Such a serious girl! That was my great grandmothers teapot - how cool is that? Not that it's fine china or anything but still it makes me happy. Every time I brew a pot of tea I think about her and am transported back to her house. Under the buffet, at the table with cookies or out on the sunporch - child hood nirvana! Don't get me started on Grandma Jeans basment or Grandma Francis' kitchen! That makes it sound like my grandfathers weren't important which is NOT true- it's funny how the house takes on the female name isn't it? I do that with all my friend's houses too...

She has become so aware of herself lately. We have soo many people stop us and tell us how pretty she(they) is(are). It's starting to be irritating! The other day I was trying to get her speech therapist to understand why we think she needs more help and she actually said "but she's so pretty and smart". Nice. So she's going to think her worth is in her looks and not be able to do anything with her intelligence because she can't communicate! ? Seriously!
This is such a real shot. T0unge out, slouchy and completely oblivious to me!


AliDyer said...

Wow-the dishwashing one doesn't even look like Meri. I asked Wes, "who is that"! Love the pretty fall leaves and colors there-our tress are a bit sad this year.

Becky said...

Hey there~ Hadn't been on to your blog site in a long while...can't believe how the girls are growing! Hope all is well with you guys, I presume you've gotten the news that Tom's PET scan was clean.
Hope everyone is doing well, we've got about 4 inches of snow and a 1/2 inch of ice on the ground. All the trees, grasses, and dried up flowers, etc are accented in ice. It makes for some great pics. if nothing else.
Take care & drop us a line or give a call when you can, we'd love to hear from you guys! Hope to see you sometime in 2008! ~Becky