Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sunstar and the RAWR!

For those of you who've never experienced the little gem known as "Princess Starla and the jewel riders" or for you Europeans out there "Princess Gwenevere and the jewel riders" Click Here to experience this fabulous ( read HORRIBLE) cartoon series that Evie loves. Mom picked it up one day and has mourned that moment ever since but Evie is enchanted so what can you do? Looking for the link I figured out part of the reason it's so bad is that we must have one of the dubbed French versions.
They were both set to be dinosaurs, blue and yellow dinosaurs until Mimi brought home this unicorn costume. Princess Starla has a flying unicorn named sunstar and I tried my best to interpret. We made her a mane and wrapped ribbons around it and I swear I tried my best to make that star look neat - who makes those face pants anyway? She thought she fantastic though!

Meredith was either a dragon or a dinosaur, loosely translated rawr can mean either. I kept asking her to show me her tail and she would bend over and look at it between her legs! She was very excited about the candy - she's my little sugar fiend. She says " I get hany in my han and put it in my hummy" Awww! I've got to get that on tape before she learns her "d's and t's" Funnily enough once we got to the festival she would neither put her costume nor trick or treat! Finally at the end after all the candy people were gone she decided it was okay, she was doing her little swagger down the street - holding on to that pumpkin for dear life.

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AliDyer said...

That is FABULOUS!!! :) Love the face paint too. POWER ON SUNSTAR AND RAWR!!!! What kind of festival did you go to?